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The first thing you should know about me is I'm notoriously terrible at talking about myself. There are two kinds of authors in the world: the witty, gregarious storytellers who excel at making friends and promoting their work, and the twitchy recluse who cowered in corners at dinner parties and fears direct sunlight. I think you can guess which kind I am.

Born, raised and still residing in Victoria, BC, I've been subjecting myself to the masochistic joys of creative writing ever since I picked up a pencil (I traded up for a laptop as soon as I could). In university, I self-published my first novel Shard. Since then I've worked on a variety of projects, and until A Ghost Town Vampire, faced the inevitable series of rejections.

But since every dreamer needs a day job, I spend ten months of the year teaching Grades 3 and 4 at my local elementary school. I count it a job well done when I send my students home in June a little more curious and a little more confident than when I first met then in September. I also run a creative writing club, and have seen several of my students publish their work through national writing contests.

In lieu of a lengthy biography, please enjoy TEN RANDOM WRITING FACTS ABOUT ME.

  1. My first stories were all about "Jane and Squire the Wonder Dog" - Squire was a Golden Retriever my family dogsat.
  2.  My first published work was a poem for the Poetry Institute of Canada's student writing contest in 1999.
  3. I'm a keyboard addict: I cannot write more than about half a page longhand before my fingers start cramping and my handwriting becomes illegible.
  4. If I don't have my iPod on, I'm not serious about writing right now.
  5. The first person I told when I got my Wings e-Press contact was one of my Grade 2 students. (I was at work when I got the email, and I blurted it out when she asked why I had such a strange look on my face.)
  6. My most productive writing hours are between 8pm and 1am.
  7. This means I can only seriously write on weekends and vacations.
  8. My cat has interrupted the writing of this list 3 times now, by lying down on my keyboard. She thinks she's being cute. She's not.
  9. I often get story ideas while I'm dreaming.
  10. Unfortunately, as soon as I wake up, I realize 90% of those story ideas are awful.

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