The Dragons of Sarkland – Making Monsters

Everyone loves dragons! (well, not me, I was more of a dino-nerd) But how to fit them into a world that is much more sci-fi than fantasy? We’ve all read those “Physics of Dragons” articles that explain in painstaking detail why Dany Targaryen’s trio would never take off.  I found my answer in paleontology (remember the dino-nerd?) So you have a drake that is essentially a megalania and a lindorm that is a mosasaur with fully atrophied hind flippers.

The wyrm gets… a little trickier. It’s based off art of Persian dragons, as well as the Western wyrm. While there is not a clear prehistoric parallel for the wyrm, there were prehistoric snakes with small, but functional limbs. The head of the wyrm is clearly based off the komodo dragon, and… well, the stinger is just cool.

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