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 A Ghost Town Tour of Gold Hill and Virginia City
The Biology of the Revenant - A guide to the Ghost Town vampires

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A Ghost Town Vampire

A Ghost Town Vampire

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Poverty has driven Charlotte “Charlie” Gardiner to a dusty mining town in the Sierra Nevada, but she soon finds herself drawn to the local deputy. Connor Franklin is handsome, charming, and not a little mysterious. But when she agrees to a hasty marriage Charlie soon learns that her new husband’s many secrets include a taste for her blood…

The Ghost in the Machie

For two years, widowed photographer Naddy Lewison has lived with her husband’s ghost. Now she finds herself drawn to a living man. Marshal Bill Crawford is handsome and cynical, yet beneath his bluff exterior Naddy sees a kind heart, and a loneliness to match her own.

But her jealous husband has no intention of letting her go…

© Jane Senese 2011. All rights reserved. Artwork © Erin Roberts.